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Why BPG?


Buyers Protection Group (BPG), a longtime CRES partner and approved home warranty provider, has been helping homeowners and real estate professionals for more than 23 years.


The CRES Home Warranty Plan, administered by BPG, qualifies CRES Members for the great CRES benefits, unparalleled BPG Home Warranty services, plus the local attention you and your clients deserve: A true recipe for success!  To learn more, check out their web site at www.bpgwi.com or call 800-443-5599.



Enjoy Special Benefits for using a CRES Home Warranty Plan with

your transactions:


1. Reduced E&O Deductible – Up to $2,500 ($5,000 in AZ, CA, FL, GA, NV, and TX) in the event your or your agents are later named in a lawsuit on a covered claim.


2. Seller’s Protection Plan – Sellers receive E&O Coverage up to $50,000 in the event they are named in a lawsuit on a covered transaction. This benefit is a fantastic listing tool providing you and your clients a significant listing advantage.


3. Optional Structural Coverage/Waiver – Up to $10,000 to repair or replace failures of

covered structural components of the home – a great risk management tool.


4. A GREAT Home Warranty Service Provider – Licensed in 30 states, BPG has been

protecting homeowners for more than 23 years with one of the most consumer-friendly

warranties in the industry.



NOTE:  Certain states and restrictions may apply. Seller’s E&O coverage and deductible reduction benefits are arranged by the members of the Real Estate Agents Alliance Purchasing Group (REAAPG). Benefits are available as long as a qualified home warranty is used and the ordering office is insured by CRES.


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"Service and local attention you deserve

– that’s BPG"

Coverage available by state:

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*Other warranties may qualify if they meet the coverage standard prescribed by the Real Estate Agents Alliance Purchasing Group.

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